Industrial Design

Department of Industrial Design

The Department of Industrial Design has been working on a series of products in the industry, particularly in the industry, personal or corporate products; it aims to educate people who can design by taking into account conditions such as functionality, ergonomics and cost, who can plan the methods and processes of products. Graduates of this department; by working in coordination with different disciplines in the process of designing new products or developing existing products, they can produce solutions to problems and ensure that this process is successfully executed.

The industrial designer combines art and engineering in product designs. Industrial designers focus on the user experience when creating style and functionality for a product. Industrial designers, identified as product, system, service and experience designers, can find a wide range of work, from toys to jewelry, furniture to durable household appliances, industrial equipment to motor vehicles. With increased competition in the globalized world; The products produced have significant advantages both in function and aesthetically compared to their competitors. In order for the products to have the desired characteristics and to prevent their competitors, it has become inevitable that individuals specializing in industrial design will be actively involved in the market.

Our Contribution to Our Country and the World Targets

  • To train industrial designers who have up-to-date technical knowledge and skills with the applied training model, who can analyze product-user-space relations well, are versatile, environmentally sensitive, innovative, ethically responsible, prone to interdisciplinary teamwork, sought in national and international markets,
  • To produce information through qualified scientific research in priority areas and to provide original solutions for various problems by transferring this information to students, production areas and other segments of society,
  • To ensure the development of the country and the region by producing original projects, ideas and products in the field,
  • To contribute to the high value added of the industry, to increase its competitiveness and to be a guide to the economic, technological, social and cultural development of our country,
  • To enrich the principles and models of education and education in our country and around the world with innovative and creative approaches.  

Academic Achievements of Our Students

The industrial design department has a curriculum where lessons for the development of creativity will be weighted with the ability to think in three dimensions. After basic design training, studio lessons, technical knowledge and skills are supported by applying the design process one-to-one. In equipped work environments required by the age of technology, students take theoretical and practical courses. Starting from user and market research in the project and new product development process, the results of concept development and production details analyzed through these concepts ensure that every stage is advanced by the students on the way to the product.

Working Areas of Graduates

Workplaces of Graduates The work areas of industrial designers are quite extensive. It is part of the design and production processes of all kinds of products or systems that are private or publicly owned. Some of the areas of industrial designers' workspaces include:

  • Furniture
  • Durable home appliances
  • Electronic devices
  • Home and office accessories
  • Jewelry
  • Exhibition and Display
  • Lighting
  • Packaging
  • Game and toy
  •  Transportation Systems
  • City and Public Space Products
  • Motor and motorless vehicles
  • Scene

Job opportunities

Graduates of our department can take part in project units in private or public sector institutions and organizations as designers in all sectors where mass production is required, as industrial designers in AR-GE departments of companies or public institutions. They can work as product, system, service and experience designer and offer consultancy services to companies as freelance designers. They have the competence to perform their professions by establishing their own design offices and application workshops. Those who prefer academic studies can continue their master's and doctoral programs in Turkey or abroad and be academicians.

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