Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technology



In the field of hybrid and electric vehicle technology, Turkey needs a significant number of trained human resource to reach a competitive structure with the automotive manufacturers abroad. With the hybrid and electric vehicle technology program, it is foreseen that it will be one of the high value added production areas in Turkey by exchanging information with companies that have knowledge in the field of electric vehicles within OSTİM or aiming to work in this field. OSTİM is defined as the biggest industrial region of Turkey. It has a significant amount of production capacity and knowledge in many different business lines. OSTİM Technical University will combine this know-how and production ability with an academic perspective, and will provide the qualified and competitive human resources that Turkey is in need



There are 23 automotive sub-industry manufacturing companies in the OSTİM region. By cooperating with companies, the manufacturing of sub-industry in the field of hybrid and electric vehicle technology will be paved. As OSTİM Technical University, by establishing a systematic education infrastructure in the field of renewable energy resources that has an increasing importance, academic support will be provided to the enterprises that want to work in this field. In this way, a structure in which Turkey has an intense competition, it can have a say in the field of production with extremely high value added outputs can be created.

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