Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technology

Academic Staff


Assist. Prof. Nida Birgül (Head of Electrical and Energy Department)

E-Mail: [email protected]

Nida BIRGÜL completed her undergraduate education in Gazi University, Faculty of Technology, in the field of Machinery / Automotive in 1991. She completed her master's degree in Gazi University, Institute of Science and Technology, Department of Machinery in 2000, on "Design and modeling of a system that prevents skidding by braking method (ASR) in motor vehicles". He completed his doctorate in 2014 in Karabuk University, Institute of Science and Technology, in the Department of Machinery, with a study on "design and development of an electromechanical valve system that can be used in internal combustion engines". She served as an academician and senior manager in the Turkish Armed Forces between 1991-2016. MSU K.K. Asb. He was in the founding of Vocational School, the Automotive Electricity and Electronics book he prepared was used as a textbook for many years. In 2016, she gave part-time lectures at Karabuk University Mechanical Engineering and Automotive Engineering. Between 2016-2022, he served as a full-time lecturer, academic and administrative board member at Başkent University Kahramankazan Vocational School Automotive Technology Program, and established the Automotive Laboratory. He took part in the establishment studies of Başkent University Anadolu OSB Vocational School, he recruited students to the programs. Between 2018-2021 Art. She served as the Assistant Professor, Head of the Machinery and Metal Technologies Department, and Electronic Communications Technology Program Responsible, and a member of the academic and administrative boards. She also taught Mechanical Engineering as a visiting professor at MSU Military Academy between 2016-2020. He worked on system design, modeling, manufacturing, application on the engine, electronic circuit board, software control of electromechanical valve systems for internal combustion engines, and acted as technopark project evaluation referees in organized industrial zone. As of June 2022, in the Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Program, Dr. Instructor He works as a member.


Instructor Mehmet İrfan Gedik (Program Manager)

E-Mail: [email protected]

Mehmet İrfan Gedik completed his undergraduate education in Niğde University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 2016. In 2020, he completed Sivas Cumhuriyet University, Faculty of Technology, Department of Optical Engineering, Master of Science Program with Thesis with a master thesis titled "FPGA Based 3D Laser Scanner Design and Implementation" and this study was presented at the international conference and published as a full text paper. His main interests are optical design, FPGA-based systems, microcontrollers, 3D scanning systems, automobile electrical and electronic systems.


Instructor Cemil Baki Kıyak

E-Mail: cemilbaki.kiyak@ostimteknik.edu.tr

Cemil Baki Kıyak, has accomplished studies on Graduate (2011) (Atılım University Dept. Of Mechatronics Engineering - Embedded Systems for Flying Robots) and Postgraduate (2018) (University of Turkish Aeronautical Association, Dept. Of Electrical and Electronics Engineering - An Enhanced RTK Protocol for L1 GPS Receivers). Still studying on his Doctorate (Gazi University Advanced Technologies, Dept. Of Electrical and Electronics Engineering - Designing Advanced Encryption Method on FPGA). He established Devr-i Robotik R&D co. ltd. at Bilkent Cyberpark and Gazi Teknopark, capitalizing Technoventure Fund Support of Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in 2013 and successed on Technoventure Program by completing the 'Topokopter - Flying Robot Performing Precise Topographic Measurement' project. (2014). He developed electronic devices and unique software algorithms in his company in the fields of medical, cartography, data science. He has worked on subjects such as filtering, image processing, PID algorithms, encryption algorithms and artificial intelligence-machine learning and has worked in four companies in the sector so far. In 2005, as a participant of Tübitak Secondary Education Inter-Institutional Project Competition, in the filed of "Department of Earth Sciences" in Turkey, he had achieved the first degree and Regional Young Talents Competition in Bulgaria, he has achieved the third degree. He has published in symposiums such as the 11th Automotive Symposium (2009) and 2nd Mechatronics Engineering Student Congress (2011). Then, after his Topokopter project is selected in the first 9 projects over 100 in Ankara Development Agency – Project Market Contest, he has been selected to have benefit from the prize of Ireland development trip. With this prize, he has made contacts and shoptalks about the subjects of business collaborations and corporating with one of the biggest electric production and distribution companies of Europe and some other defense companies with the helping guidance of institutions like International Development Ireland, Guiness Enterprise Center and Enterprise Ireland.


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