Health and Sports

Job Descriptions

The task of the Health, Culture and Sports Department is to ensure that students are protected physically and mentally, and that they get nutrition, they work and rest in a heathy environment and spend their free time in accordance with the plans and programs of the Higher Education Council. It opens reading halls, inpatient health centers, student canteens and dining halls within the framework of budget facilities; It provides meeting, theater and cinema halls and is responsible for taking the necessary precautions for students to get the most out of them.



Our Department was established with the mission of OSTIM Technical University students to protect their mental and physical health, to support their basic needs such as shelter and nutrition, to take an active role in social, sports and cultural fields and to provide all kinds of services and support in these areas.



The aim of OSTİM Technical University is to carry the support and services of the Department to the upper laths every year in the same parallel.