Graduate School of Social Sciences

Assoc. Prof. İhsan Erdem KAYRAL (Graduate School of Social Sciences)

In today's information age, the development and change of the higher education ecosystem is progressing at an incredible pace. To be successful in such an environment, there must be strong and flexible education and training foundations that build knowledge and experience. Creating various opportunity areas for individuals to continue their education, focus on specific areas, advance or improve their academic and business careers, constitute the  most important cornerstones of the path to success.
Postgraduate education is at the forefront in creating the most important cornerstones of success worldwide in  recent years. In this context, a more competitive and more innovative postgraduate ecosystem climate has started to emerge at the global level. As a result of this situation, postgraduate education has become a critical and strategic way of differentiating individuals in their profession, business and academic life in the same skin.
In this context, as the Institute of Social Sciences of OSTİM Technical University, we have a wide range of graduate programs (master's programs / MBA / doctoral programs / executive program / post-doctorate programs, etc.) .) We offer high quality and innovative education and training opportunities and options. In addition, we provide our students with the designs of the steps they will take for their next journey in career development.
Our academic staff, who take part in the postgraduate education and training process, are leaders in their fields, presenting their experiences and insights on business life in the context of the literature, establishing strong ties with the sectors, and providing real-time case solutions for important global issues to their students, and have projects and researches related to business life. . Our ultimate goal is to provide our students with the best quality education and career opportunities with flexible conditions to support their professional and academic development in their fields of interest in the national and international environment.

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