Graduate School of Engineering and Science

Ostim Technical University Graduate School of Engineering and Science was established in 2020 within the framework of Higher Education Law No. 2547. Postgraduate education activities are carried out in accordance with the conditions defined in the Ostim Technical University Postgraduate Education Regulation.

Ostim Technical University, which is located in the OSTİM industrial zone and continues its research and development activities in cooperation with the industry, employs qualified researchers who can produce knowledge and turn it into practice, prioritizing high-tech R&D studies and current technologies, with the strong teaching staff of the Institute of Science and Technology. to train; It aims to carry out postgraduate research and thesis topics and applied studies for the solution of urgent problems of the public, industry and humanity.


Our programs

Our academic staff, who are involved in the graduate education and training process, are leaders in their fields both academically and professionally, and they have their students do real-time case solutions on important global issues, business life projects and research.

There are 4 Master's programs with thesis within the OSTİMTECH Graduate School of Engineering and Science.

These are Computer Engineering (English), Electrical and Electronics Engineering (English), Software Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.


Dr. Hikmet BAL


The Institute of Natural and Applied Sciences