Global Partnership Office

Global Partnership Officer


Dr. Ahmet Murat Kadıoğlu
(Director of international relations)

Dr. Kadioglu had completed his undergraduate education at the Middle East Technical University and his MBA in St. Michael's College VT USA his doctorate at Selcuk University Konya Turkey. Starting his professional career as a diplomat in Japan, Kadıoğlu established and managed his own business in the field of "collateralized finance" for many years as the managing partner of Berkley Street Capital, a North America-based international consultancy company.
As an angel investor at the Vancouver Angel Forum, he has invested and financed new start-ups for the past 10 years. Desiring to transfer his knowledge to our country, he continues his working life in academia, thinking of sharing his experiences with younger generations in academia. He has participated in various conferences on real estate, as well as directed researches and projects on Asian and Japanese subjects, and participated in various conferences on Japanese and Japanese culture.