Financial Affairs

Job Description

  • Academic and Administrative Staff Entry-Exit Procedures
  • Appointment and Appointment Procedures of Academic and Administrative Staff for Administrative Tasks
  • Bank Account Opening Transactions
  • Course Hourly Fee Lecturers Recruitment-Exit Procedures
  • Course Hourly Fee Teaching Staff SSI Operations
  • Tuition Fee Payments and Payroll Procedures
  • Birth Reports Transactions
  • Announcement Actions
  • Retirement Transactions
  • Internal-External Correspondence Transactions
  • Rest Reports Transactions
  • Job Application Procedures
  • Worker Entry-Exit Notification Procedures
  • Assignment and Promotion Procedures of Faculty Member and Assistant
  • Assignment Procedures to Staff Other than Faculty Member
  • Private Group Health Insurance Transactions
  • Staff Smart Card Transactions
  • Personnel Scoring Procedures
  • SSI Premium Notification Procedures
  • Contract Preparation and Signing Procedures
  • ÜAK Associate Professorship Operations
  • Fee and Scholarship Payment Transactions
  • Attorney Operations
  • Appointment Process of Foreign Instructors
  • Domestic and International Assignment Procedures
  • 40 / a Course Assignment Procedures

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