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Dean's Message


Dean's Message


       Everyone has an individual definition of university. We define the university, as the name suggests, as “the school of understanding and learning the Universe”. This definition has led us to go off the beaten track and train our students with a groundbreaking “hands-on learning model”.

    Correspondingly, our university is positioned among the workshops and intertwined with TEKNOPARK, which will serve the development of our students, thus forging the domains of engineering education and workplace practice of our students.

      Our students will get to know the fields of study and workplace practice from the first day of the university and will share the same recreational and social spaces with the employees of TEKNOPARK. Thereby, they will have the opportunity to easily reveal the quintessential dictum: “I can do that too” inherent within them.

      Our well-equipped and innovative academic staff will teach our young people to learn, to observe, to scrutinize events rationally, to report what they see, to read and understand reports and to apply what they understand, both in the lessons and in the fields of application. They will learn how to design and turn their designs into a physical product. Students will not content themselves with “It is enough that it might just work”, they will learn how to do it the best way and how to improve on what has been done. They will be "constructive engineers". Our faculty advisors will not only demonstrate problems but also teach our students how to tackle problems, how to be "problem solvers", to take on responsibility, to be engineers who hold on to their professions and who are in charge of their business.

    In addition to the Departments of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering and Industrial Engineering in our faculty, the Departments of Aviation and  Aerospace Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering will be set up and provide education and training  this year. Together with our academic staff who graduated from well-known universities in Turkey and abroad, and built impressive academic track-records, our university aims to train the engineers of today and tomorrow by using all kinds of learning and teaching methods peculiar to our era and providing students with OSTİM’s capabilities as well as modern laboratories. Our main goal is to make our graduates “super engineers” that everyone can be proud of and who are ready to serve our country and humanity.

     On this occasion, I wish success to all the academic and administrative staff of our faculty, and to our dear students who will embrace our university’s goals  and choose us. I sincerely hope our dreams and their dreams will come true and extend my heartfelt love to them.

Prof. Dr. Hasan ERBAY




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