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UMT Quality Control & OTU Collaboration Laboratory

  Within the body of Ostim Technical University; There is a Materials Technical Research Center (MTAM) laboratory, in which Ostim Technical University and UMT quality control firm cooperate. Within the laboratory;
• Tensile test
• Bend test
• Macro analysis test
• Microstructure analysis
• Hardness test
• Notch impact test
• Chemical analysis tests are carried out.
In the laboratory; As part of the work of UMT, our instructors conduct tests related to their courses and for various projects.
It is also open to requests for external use. In order to use the laboratory effectively and efficiently, a monthly laboratory use appointment form is used.
You can click the link below to make an appointment.
The laboratory also provides services for external use (other than Ostim Technical University/UMT Firm).
In order to benefit from this service, you can create a request by reading the explanations in the link.
If you fill out the form, the authorities will contact you for an agreement.

HIZAL Electroerosion Industry and METU Cooperation Laboratory

  Within Ostim Technical University; High-voltage tests, which are needed by equipment and system designers who produce in accordance with international standards, are carried out both to increase the level of knowledge by giving students the opportunity to practice in the field of high voltage. Within the scope of the laboratory;
• Lightning Impact Test System: 1.2 MV
• Current Impulse Test System: 250kA
• AC Mains Frequency Test System: 600kV
• High Current AC test system: 5000A
• All kinds of pulsed power supply tests
• HPEM and EMP testing infrastructure.
• High Voltage strength and puncture test infrastructure.
• Partial Discharge Test System: 50-100kV
• Education and laboratory services are provided for students.

TEZMAKSAN Academy & OTU Collaboration Laboratory

  TEZMAKSAN Academy has developed cooperation with high schools and universities in 62 provinces, giving vocational and technical seminars to 40 thousand high school students since 2015. Within the CNC laboratory at Ostim Technical University, there is a CNC Lathe Machine used in cooperation with OTU. Within the scope of cooperation; At the OSTİM Technical University Lifelong Education Center, Tezmaksan Academy trainers are given training on the use of new technologies and CNC. The trainings that the industry needs but are not available in schools are explained to the students in detail by TEZMAKSAN Academy.


The Laboratory is in the Installation Phase.

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