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   MEC 205 Thermodynamics (Prof. Dr. Yunus A. ÇENGEL)

Fluid Mechanics (Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rasim Guldiken) 

PHYS 101 Engineering Physics I 

PHYS 102 Engineering Physics II

FZK 121 Engineering Physics 1(Turkish) 



Faculty of Engineering Knowledge Base 


A team of Arkansas University physicists has successfully developed a graphene circuit capable of generating clean unlimited energy. The new system works by capturing the thermal motion of graphene and converting it into electric current.

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TOYOTA has developed a prototype robot that hangs like a bat from the ceiling while doing housework for the elderly.

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Designer Daniel Voshart created photorealistic images of 54 Roman emperors thanks to his machine learning tools and artistic eye. Voshart based the faces on traditional stone bust images.

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