Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

Dean's Message

Dear Students;

At OSTİM Technical University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, we welcome you beyond the departments of International Trade and Finance, Economics, Business Administration, Marketing and Management Information Systems. Because our goal is to “raise experienced graduates”. This is how we define the education we will give you at the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of OSTİM Technical University, one of the newest universities in Turkey. Our faculty includes International Trade and Finance department, Economics department, Business Administration department, Marketing department and Management Information Systems department.

Our faculty also cares about common compulsory courses, which are among the other fundamental differences of our university. Accordingly, the Introduction to University Life and Building the Future courses, which provide a pleasant and full transition to your university life, and the Entrepreneurship Project courses, where you will become a real "maker" by collaborating with the students of our school, will bring you different experiences.

As in other faculties and departments of our university, our faculty students will be introduced to real business life experience in contracted workplaces starting from their first year. The summer internship in the following years and spending the entire last semester of the last year at work will provide you with a business experience that you cannot get at any other university while you are still a student.

Our aim is to raise graduates who combined theory and practice, who have come to terms with the realities of business life, have produced and have academic backgrounds. 

                                                                              Prof. Mustafa POLAT