Faculty of Architecture and Design

We aim to train self-confident, entrepreneurial and experienced graduates who can compete at the international level with a student-centered education approach based on the university-industry cooperation model as OSTİM Technical University Faculty of Architecture and Design. Students get education at the workplaces related to their departments during the period from the first grade to their graduation in our faculty. Thus, they have the opportunity to reinforce the theoretical knowledge they have acquired at university and to see their real applications. In addition to the design courses in curriculum of our departments, theoretical courses improve interdisciplinary cooperation at the same time.

Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, is a program aimed at providing professional knowledge and skills for the design of healthy, comfortable, aesthetic, environmentally friendly, sustainable, durable and original interior spaces and their immediate surroundings.

Department of Industrial Design, is a program aims to train designers who can design personal or corporate products, especially those planned to be mass-produced in the industry by considering factors such as functionality, ergonomics and cost, and plan the production methods and processes of products.

All of our departments in our faculty are designed and organized on the basis to privode an opportunity for students to have the skills of thinking, designing, applying and managing with a multidisciplinary approach in the same educational environment,

We believe that our students will achieve their goals in both national and international platforms after they graduate from our design-oriented and modern programs.


Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Design

Prof. Dr. Sare SAHİL

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