Dear Students,


Foreign Language Level Exam will be held on 7 January 2022 by the Department of Foreign Languages within the scope of ERASMUS+ mobility to be held in 2022. If you do not have a valid language exam result document, you have to take this exam. If you have a foreign language exam result document, the equivalence of which can be accepted by our University, you must confirm it from the Department of Foreign Languages regarding the acceptability of the exam type and its validity period. You can also view detailed information on equivalence at


ERASMUS Exam consists of 2 (two) sessions and 5 (five) parts. First session; It consists of Grammar/Vocabulary, Reading Skill, Writing Skill, and Listening Skill Second Session: Speaking Skill.

The exam, which will be held on January 7, 2022 at 10:00, will be held in a single session (First Session). In first session, questions will be asked from four sections (Grammar/Vocabulary, Reading Skill, Writing Skill, Listening Skill). The exam duration for this session, which consists of 80 questions in total, is 120 minutes.

Grammar/Vocabulary-30 min.

Reading Skill-30 min.

Writing Skill-30 min.

Listening Skill-30 min.

Those who get 60 and more than 60 points from the first session will be able to take the Speaking Skill Exam (Second Session). Those who get less than 60 points cannot participate in the Speaking Skills Exam (Second Session). Speaking Skills Exam session duration is 5-6 minutes. The contribution of the Speaking Skills exam to the weighted foreign language grade point average will not exceed 25%.

Applications for the exam to be held in the first session will be registered via the link given below. If students who apply for a foreign language exam (including both first session and second session exams) but fail to attend without any force majeure (an important and necessary reason), if they reapply for any mobility within the scope of higher education, "-5 points" will be deducted from their weighted selection scores.


Students who get 60 and above 60 points in the exam will be able to participate in the Speaking Exam (Second Session). Students who get less than 60 points can not participate to second session. First session exam results (including students who attended and those who did not) will be announced on the website by the Department of Foreign Languages. Speaking Exam which measures speaking skills will be held in a single session. For the students who are entitled to take the Speaking Skills Exam (over 60 points), the Foreign Languages Department Preparatory Building will be held on January 07, 2022 at 14.00. Within the scope of ERASMUS mobility, the student charts for which Foreign Language Weighted Grades have been created will be submitted by the Department of Foreign Languages to the ERASMUS Institutional Coordinatorship in an additional list, with each page signed, and announced on the website of the Department of Foreign Languages.


January 7, 2022 First Session: English Foreign Language Proficiency Exam Application Link: