Entrepreneurship and Leadership Center

Entrepreneurship is to realize any human need or problem and to carry out the process of producing a solution to it. An entrepreneur, on the other hand, is anyone who is aware of the problems and expectations of the world, country and society they live in, and can make a difference in producing solutions with the different perspective they create.

The Entrepreneurship and Leadership Center was established to organize programs for the individual development of our students in order to raise entrepreneurial graduates who are in line with the vision of our university, and to support students with its expert staff. Entrepreneurship and Leadership Center is the main platform that is the developer and provider of the activities and services carried out and planned by OSTİM Technical University.

 Collaborative, Innovative and Creative

OSTİMTECH Entrepreneurship and Leadership Center has made it its mission to create, disseminate and transform entrepreneurial thinking and awareness into innovative ideas, and to transform these ideas into values that will contribute to the creation of sustainable wealth in the society, in order to create a common, innovative and creative space that facilitates value creation and professional development. . In this framework, it continues its efforts to develop the entrepreneurship culture in every institution and society.

Purpose of the Center

To create and spread the entrepreneurship culture at OSTİM Technical University; To encourage all entrepreneurs and OSTİM Technical University students and academics in order to develop initiatives based on innovation, creativity and technology, to develop their skills and competencies and to provide the necessary connections for the transformation of their ventures into commercial value with high added value. To develop and carry out activities that contribute to the development of entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership skills of entrepreneurs and entrepreneur candidates, especially university lecturers and students, to bring business ideas to life and to commercialize these ideas.

Assist. Prof. Melike Aktaş Bozkurt

Director of Entrepreneurship and Leadership Center