E-Commerce and Marketing

Faculty Members

doğuş yüksel

Instructor Doğuş YÜKSEL

E-Mail: dogus.yuksel@ostimteknik.edu.tr

Doğuş Yüksel completed his undergraduate education in 2014 at the department of Business Administration - which has 5 years of compulsory education- in 3 years, as a high honor student. In 2017, he completed Gazi University Marketing Master's Program with the master's thesis entitled "A Qualitative Research on the Function of Augmented Reality Applications in Marketing" as the top student of the department. In the same year, he was accepted to the Business Administration Doctorate Program at Ankara Gazi University. He continues conducting his academic studies at the intersection of technology and marketing. His main interest areas are digital marketing, neuro-marketing and Industry 4.0. He gives digital media and marketing seminars and workshops and events at various universities. Apart from his academic studies, he has produced digital media and marketing services for such leading companies as Porsche, Levi’s, Hepsiburada in the industry.


bora öç

Instructor Bora ÖÇ

E-Mail: bora.oc@ostimteknik.edu.tr

Telefon: +90 312 386 10 92 / 1651

Bora Öç was born in Sivas, in 1989. After completing his primary and secondary education in Sivas, he completed his undergraduate education in 2011 at Gazi University in the Faculty of Communication, Journalism Department. In 2004, he completed his post-graduate education in the Master Program of the Jornalism Department of the same university with the thesis entitled “A field work applied on the effects of Press Release Association on the local press in Turkey; the sample of Sivas local press”. He continues his doctoral studies at Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University Graduate Education Institute, Journalism Department.


nusret yurter

Ass. Prof. Nusret YURTER

E-Mail: nusret.yurter@ostimteknik.edu.tr

Telefon: +90 312 386 10 92 / 1651

Dr. Nusret Yurter graduated from Middle East Technical University Physics Department in 1995. In 1996, he went to England for his post-graduate education and completed his master's degree in Marketing Department at Coventry University. After completing his master program, he turned onto the basic business administration and completed his doctorate at Afyon Kocatepe University, in the Department of Business Administration in 2003. He worked at Atılım University between 2001 -2005. He has experience as executive management in international companies. His main areas of interest are business and marketing.