E-Commerce and Marketing

Vocational school Digital Media and Marketing Program is a communicational field with a large work area. Technological developments and widespread use of the internet lead businesses to reach their target customers through new and innovative ways such as digital media. With the ever increasing use of digital marketing activities of consumers, digital marketing has become a strategically important tool for businesses. Digital marketing allows businesses to reach their customers in any place, time and situation. When the digital marketing tools, the advantages of digital marketing, the features of social media marketing, customer relations on social media platforms and the effect of social media on the purchasing process are taken into account, it is seen that there is an obvious and rapid change.

Having the awareness that the Digital Media and Marketing program has become one of the most important elements of the century we are in, Digital Media and Marketing is a department that educates graduates who are well-equipped in the field, who are already aware that our investments are important for the future.

The medium of the instruction of the department is Turkish.

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