Distance Education International Business Management Master Program

International business management graduate program is designed for managers and candidates for managers of private sector, public sector or non-profit organizations; It offers a program that will enable them to grasp the increasingly complex international economic opportunities and risks, local and global challenges from all fronts, and to look at decision-making processes from a global, analytical and strategic perspective. The program is designed to enable managers and organizations to grasp the increasingly volatile economic, political and environmental parameters of global markets, with real-life examples and interdisciplinary modern approaches.


The program not only focuses on business / corporate decision-making processes from a micro perspective, but also integrates international public policies and global strategic variables of strategic management into business / corporate decision-making processes analytically and effectively, and blends quantitative and theoretical analysis methods at the most appropriate dose to deepen corporate management skills. The program combines international business management education in an interdisciplinary method with high quality courses in economics, international economic organizations, global business law (World Trade Organization), global negotiation and business culture, and multinational global finance management. It also offers the student the opportunity to specialize in functional or regional areas that they will need.