Department of Software Engineering (English)


Software engineering is a discipline that develops, designs, and manages software systems using principles from computer science and engineering. This discipline utilizes mathematics, engineering principles, computer programming, and analysis methods to create solutions that meet the needs of individuals, businesses, and society.

Our graduates develop algorithms, design software, code, and test complex problems. They also maintain existing software systems and continuously manage improvement and update processes.

This discipline is the cornerstone of technological advancement and digital transformation. Our graduates provide solutions that facilitate daily life, optimize business processes, and enhance communication. Additionally, software engineering creates new job opportunities and promotes economic growth.

Through the education you will receive in the software engineering department, our goal is to graduate students who can add value to institutions and organizations, perform technical management, analyze, synthesize, model, and solve engineering problems, and contribute to the scientific and technological knowledge accumulation of our country on a universal scale by transferring the technology they produce to the industry.

As graduates of Software Engineering, you will be qualified to work as Software Development Engineers, Software Test Engineers, Software System Design Engineers, Data Analysts, and other similar professions in Defense Industry firms, as well as in Finance, Information Security, Artificial Intelligence, Game and Animation industry, Virtual Reality Augmented Reality (VR/AR) companies.


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