Department of Industrial Engineering (Turkish)

Student Feedback







Burak BOZKURT / Industrial Engineering Student

I was accepted to the Industrial Engineering Department in 2020. As one of the first students of this department, Ostim Technical University has a good academic staff despite its new establishment. The university has academicians and consultants who are experts in their fields. Career Planning and On-the-Job Training Center (KARPIEM) arranges meetings with us and exchanges ideas on career planning and many other issues. Even though I am a first year student, internship opportunities are provided by the university. By making good use of this opportunity, I had the opportunity to develop myself in many areas. In addition, our university has progressed in a planned and controlled manner during the pandemic period, which deeply affected many students.


Ceren TÜRKYILMAZ / Industrial Engineering Student

In 2020, I was accepted to Ostim Technical University Industrial Engineering department and started my education life. I am happy to be one of the first students of my department. Ostim Technical University guides and helps in many issues. On behalf of my education and career life, they contribute to my development by providing highly functional trainings. Since the academic staff is dynamic and full, I can learn everything that I lack and need information from all my teachers without hesitation. I believe that there are expert consultants and academicians working in my school, they direct us to opportunities in the most correct way. KARPIEM at our school contributes a lot to my academic development and many of our students benefit from it. Even though I am still in the first year, my school has already supported me in my internship education, and I am proud of being educated at a productive university that creates opportunities. During the pandemic period, which left everyone in a serious situation, both our teachers, our students and the school administration were able to successfully complete this period with distance education in harmony and did not victimize their students.


Göknur YILDIZ / Industrial Engineering Student

I am studying at Ostim Technical University, Department of Industrial Engineering. I am one of the first students of my department. From the moment I enrolled in my school, I have been living my education life to the full with my teachers and advisors. During the pandemic under the influence of all humanity, my school has provided trouble-free distance education with its solid infrastructure. Apart from classes, seminars and meetings are held frequently to increase our social and cultural activities. My advisors provide private interviews with me to determine my career goals. I am very pleased to be prepared for the future with my academic staff and the lessons that I can see the future, prepared for the future and offered to me. With the internship education offered to me by my school, I am rehearsing my future profession in a real workplace even though I am in the first year.