Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Turkish)

The aim of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering is to educate Electrical and Electronics engineers who will contribute to the institution and organization in which they are participating, enabling them to gain skills for technical management; teach them analysis, synthesis and modelling in order to solve engineering problems, ensure ability which will lead to carry out personal research, produce information based on a universal perspective, be able to transfer this technology into industry and share knowledge and experience with society and industry and also be successful in carrying out and assimilating the mission and vision of OSTİM Technical University.

The program is designed to equip students with the skills to work effectively in the field of electrical and electronic systems, including the design, manufacture and implementation of Electrical and Electronics Engineering systems. In this program, it is ensured that students get acquainted with their professions by learning about engineering and Electrical and Electronics Engineering in the first year of study.