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Electrical Electronics Engineering (English) 2023-2024 Spring Final Exam Schedule 

Electrical Electronics Engineering (English) 2023-2024 Spring Midterm Exam Schedule 

Electrical Electronics Engineering (English) 2023-2024 Fall Final Exam Schedule


Electrical Electronics Engineering (English) 2023-2024 Midterm Exam Schedule


Electrical-Electronics Engineering (English) 2023-2024 Fall Semester Weekly Schedule  NEW 

2023-2024 Selection of Graduation Projects and Project Groups (EEE400) NEW 

The groups that chose the project topics are given below. If there are people and groups who have not chosen a project, they can choose projects that have not been selected yet. The project topics to be selected must be notified to Research Assistant Beyza Eraslan. ([email protected])

Selected Graduation Projects and Groups

Selection of Graduation Project Groups (EEE400) NEW 

Graduation projects will be selected in groups. In this context, groups of two or three will apply to the number of students specified in the project. It is planned to choose the project after the groups to be formed in two or three are numbered. For the groups to be numbered, Research Assistant Beyza Eraslan must be notified by Friday. ([email protected])

Selection of Graduation Project Topics 2023-2024 (EEE400) NEW

Dear students, the form for selecting Graduation Projects has been published. Following the instructions on the form is sufficient to complete the process. You are required to select three (3) different topic headings from the provided list. The results will vary depending on your overall GPA. You can choose any three different topics. If you have worked in groups before, you can continue to work as a group.

The link to specify the courses

2023-2024 Graduation Project Topic Suggestions (EEE400) NEW

Topic suggestions determined by our faculty members for the 2023-2024 academic year have been published. Senior students are asked to examine the subjects and choose suitable issues. The selection procedure will be written down subsequently. Although the graduation project is a course of the 2nd semester, starting the studies this semester will greatly contribute to the students. Starting the project early will be an important opportunity for students who want to receive support from the TÜBİTAK 2209-A University Students Research Projects Support Program. Additionally, it is planned that your work on your graduation projects will be exhibited at the end of the year. We wish you success in your studies and would like you to know that, as faculty members in the department, we will be happy to answer your questions.

Posted Topic Suggestions

  • Modulated Signal Generation in IF Band - 4 people (Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Güngör PAKFİLİZ)
  • VHF Band Jammer System Development - 2,3 people (Assoc. Prof. Dr Ahmet Güngör PAKFİLİZ)
  • Prediction of wind, solar, load, electricity price etc. by using artificial intelligence methods - 2,3 people  (Assist. Prof. Dr. İclal ÇETİN TAŞ)
  • Object detection from satellite images via different deep learning architecture - 2,3 people (Assist. Prof. Dr. İclal ÇETİN TAŞ)
  • Detection of Computer Generated Faces - 2 people (Prof. Dr. İsmail AVCIBAŞ)
  • Morphed Face Detection  - 1 people (Prof. Dr. İsmail AVCIBAŞ)
  • Carrier Monitoring - 3 people (Assist. Prof. Dr. Şenol GÜLGÖNÜL)
  • Cam Crank Signal Processing Using Verilog - 3 people (Assist. Prof. Dr. Şenol GÜLGÖNÜL)
  • 5G Network Simulation and Analysis -  2,3 people (Prof. Dr. Yalçın ATA)
  • Software-Defined Radio (SDR) Development - 2,3 people (Prof. Dr. Yalçın ATA)
  • Design a Microcontroller based Embedded PCB solution about any Industrial Problem - 2,3 people (Assist. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin KÖSE)
  • Design a microcontroller-based control circuit of a three phase 12 pulse thyristor rectifier -  2,3 people (Assist. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin KÖSE)
  • Design a multi output 100watt Flyback or Push-Pull SMPS - 2,3 people (Assist. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin KÖSE)
  • Design of a Marconi Antenna - 1 people (Prof. Dr. Volodymyr YURCHENKO)
  • Design of an Electromagnet - 1 people (Prof. Dr. Volodymyr YURCHENKO)
  • Short circuit distance detector with signal processing - 2 people (Prof. Dr. Sinan KIVRAK)
  • BLDC Motor drive design for three wheel scooters - 2 people (Prof. Dr. Sinan KIVRAK)

The format of the report you will write at the end of the term is presented in the link below to show the scope of the work.