Department of Computer Engineering (Turkish)

Students' Views

Berkay Kılıç

The fact that Ostim Technical University was new compared to other well-established universities scared me a little. I wasn't quite sure what kind of path the university would follow and what kind of education it would provide. After the university promotion days and as a result of my research, I saw that this university, although it was new, had a grounded vision. The plans for the future, the academic staff, and the opportunities it offered were really satisfactory. After combining all of these, I decided to come to this university and I realized that I made the right choice. One of the most striking things I saw after coming to university was the opportunity to do internships in companies related to your field as part of the course workplace training. As a computer engineering student, I think that taking this course from the first year allows students to develop themselves for the future and to keep up with the business environment. Thanks to the education that I have received so far and the opportunities that have been offered by the university, I am glad that I have decided to come to this university.