Cyber Security

With the developments in information technologies, the security of information and processes that produce information has gained importance. More and more information is processed in digital media, can put into service, moved and archived.

The education program, which will be given in Ostim Technical University Vocational Information Security Technology Program, has been prepared in order to develop information security solutions for all sectors as well as computer knowledge, and to gain new skills that can work as a technical support staff in the field of computer systems.

The fact that the use of computer networks and the internet is increasing and continuing to increase, at the same time, all institutions and organizations depend on technology and information have made IT security vital. IT security should also be high because IT security is a corporate governance element and closely related to information technology security, physical security, risk management, business continuity, and compliance with laws and regulations, thereby supporting various obligations to employees, business partners, customers, and the community. it is quite clear.

The language of the program is Turkish.

What are the technical information that department courses will provide?

Students will acquire technical equipment to obtain, store and access information by authorized persons. İnformation security strategies,

firewall applications, data leakage prevention methods, data storage and backup operations are among the information to be learned.

Why must students choose the OSTIMTECH Information Security Technology Program?

At OSTIM Technical University, students will have the opportunity to receive education with up-to-date information by using new technologies with faculty members who are in contact with the business world. Students will be able to consolidation theoretical knowledge by practicing in the cyber security laboratory.

What are the benefits of our students while studying the Information Security Technology Department?

The program provides students training to protect and manage information, one of the most valuable assets in an institution. It allows graduates to develop management and policy development skills by understanding the technical aspects of IT security. 

What are the working areas of the graduates of the Information Security Technology Department? 

Our graduates will be able to work in many business fields. Especially in the main application areas shown following:

  • Analysis, design and implementation of corporate information security systems.
  • Application, supervision and certification of information security management standards.
  • Identification and strengthening of the security weaknesses of information systems.
  • The establishment and management of corporate information systems.
  • Design and control of software development activities in terms of information security.

 What are the job opportunities of the Information Security Technology Program? 

  • State institutions and organizations.
  • Armament
  • Institutions and organizations providing information and communication services
  • Financial institutions and organizations
  • Educational institutions
  • Healthcare institutions and organizations
  • Institutions and organizations producing software and hardware.