Computer Programming

Student Opinions




Muhammed Alperen Kuru /Computer Programming Program Student

The reason of Covid-19 did not allow us to get away from the lessons during the distance education process, our teachers and student affairs. We had lessons that would add a vision to us by going one step further than giving information during our education. I would like to thank both our teachers and student affairs throughout this process. I am sure that OSTİM Technical University will gain a much better reputation in a short time thanks to the quality of education.




Samet Durusoy / Computer Programming Program Student 

After choosing OSTİM Technical University, the fact that the school was newly opened created some question marks in my mind. But in the last 1 year, I saw that I made the right decision and I said I'm glad I chose this place. The fact that our school has teachers who come to our aid in case of the slightest problem, and the management staff that we can always reach on technical or other issues, has taken this place one step ahead of other schools for me. The most important thing is that our teachers treat us with a smiling face and that they are with us when we have a problem, which reflects positively on our lessons. We are always aware of the conferences and events held both in our school and elsewhere, so we do not lag behind the current life. The most important feature that distinguishes our school from other schools is that it has a lot of application opportunity because it is located in the industrial zone. If we look at the advantages of my department, I am very happy to study in this department, as the computer is a structure that sheds light on the next age. When I finish school, I am happy to be a newly graduated but experienced computer programmer who has the knowledge that the employer will want with the Workplace Experience course.



Umut Atalay / Computer Programming Program Student  


The most important reason for me to choose OSTİM Technical University is that I want my future to be brighter thanks to the education given both theoretically and practically. Our school, with its professional academic staff and a management department that is sensitive to student wishes, raises us well-equipped both socially and academically so that we can take firm steps towards becoming more successful individuals in our business life. In addition to these, our school supports us on the way to become entrepreneurial individuals, allowing us to graduate as young entrepreneurs with advanced analytical thinking skills and shape our business life in this direction. I would like to thank our school for providing us with these privileges and say that I am a student of OSTİM Technical University.



Cem Ulusoy / Computer Programming Program Student  

One of the biggest factors in my preference for OSTİM Technical University is that it is the first industrial university in Turkey. The fact that our university is together and intertwined with the industrial sector provides a significant advantage for students' workplace experiences. Although it is newly established, it is ahead of many universities with its modern campus, Technopolis and workshops. In addition to providing a very successful education with its academic staff, you become more experienced and experienced with the seminars held. I am very happy with the part I read. While I had no idea before I won this chapter, I now have a lot of knowledge. Thanks to the projects we have done and will do, we have the opportunity to improve ourselves in our field. Our intertwining with academics enables us to be even more successful in these projects and they help us in every way. I am proud to be a part of this family.