Computer Engineering Master Program with Thesis (English)

Course Contents


CENG501 Advanced Computer Networks (3-0-7,5) 

Advanced technical topics in TCP/IP computer networks, routing principles and mechanisms, wireless computer networks, multimedia networks, network security, network management.

CENG503 Advanced Databases (3-0-7,5) 

Database systems concepts, transaction processing, concurrency control and database recovery, object-oriented and object-relational databases, semi-structured data and XML, parallel and distributed databases, advanced distributed databases concepts, introduction to big data, ad hoc databases.

CENG505 Advanced Algorithm Analysis (3-0-7,5) 

Recursive structures, master Theorem, greedy algorithms, dynamic programming, graph algorithms, geometry algorithms, complexity classes and NP problems, cryptography algorithms.



CENG502 – Advanced Java Programming (3-0-7,5) 

Java technology, object-oriented programming, objects, classes, modularity, wrapping, polymorphism, Java elements and exceptions, garbage collector, classes, inheritance and interfaces, collection framework structure, input/output framework structure, graphical interface framework structure, threads.

CENG521 - Object Oriented Design and Programming (3-0-7,5) 

Nesne-yönelimli düşünme, soyutlama, nesneye-yönelik analiz ve tasarım kavramları ve tasarım kalıpları, tümleşik modelleme dili (TMD): giriş, modellemenin rolü, modeller ve görünümler, temel diyagramlar, temel elementler, sıralama, sınıf ve paket diyagramları, geliştirme yaşam döngüsü, Java ve TMD: sorumluluk güdümlü tasarım ve CRC Kart, sınıflar.

CENG522 - Cyber ​​security (3-0-7,5) 

Basic concepts of cyber space and cyber security, cyber crime, informatics law, computer law and cyber law, forensic investigation and computer, information security and control, computer and network security, cyber warfare, international standards in cyber security.

CENG536 - Advanced Network Based Programming (3-0-7,5) 

Basic networking concept, general information about the programming language to which the course contents will be applied, threads and multithreads, exceptions, socket, web sockets, data streams, file streams, memory input/output streams, object streams, client and server side network programming, HTTP network , message queue, synchronous and asynchronous communication.

CENG523 - Advanced Operating Systems (3-0-7,5) 

Advanced topics in process scheduling, multiprocessor and real-time scheduling, asynchronous programming fundamentals, an overview of intraprocess communication, semaphores and monitors, synchronization and communication, fault tolerance, current developments in operating systems.

CENG541 - Machine Learning (3-0-7,5) 

Concept learning, decision trees learning, artificial neural networks, evaluating hypotheses, Bayesian learning, computational learning theory, case-based learning, genetic algorithms, analytical learning, reinforcement learning.

CENG542 - Advanced Artificial Intelligence (3-0-7,5) 

Problem solving with intelligent power through search, directed/undirected search methods, discovery, rule satisfaction, knowledge and inference, first-level logic and inference, machine learning, optional topics: neural networks, natural computing.

CENG543 - Current Trends in Internetwork Technologies (3-0-7,5) 

Overview of the history of institutions and organizations working on Internet technologies and standards, open and proprietary standards, widely used and accepted technologies and techniques, the latest technologies being developed, the latest techniques being developed, their status, the groups working on them.

CENG544 - Big Data Analysis (3-0-7,5) 

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Hadoop framework, hive infrastructure, data visualization, MapReduce model, NoSQL databases, large-scale data workflows, classification, use of R.

CENG545 - Penetration Testing (3-0-7,5) 

Penetration test concept, ethical issues in penetration tests, preparation of penetration test infrastructure, legal issues related to penetration testing, port scanning, vulnerability scanning, exploitation, password attacks, penetration tests in web applications, penetration tests in wireless networks, reporting of test results.

CENG546 - Advanced Computer Architectures (3-0-7,5) 

Basic principles of computer design, principles of instruction sets and examples, advanced sequential computation and parallelization, memory hierarchy structure, storage systems.

CENG553 - Parallel and Cluster Computing (3-0-7,5) 

Parallel computing models, dependency on architecture, balance between computing and communication costs, performance criteria in parallel computing ? computational complexity, parallel computation techniques ? divide and discover, segmentation and pipeline, parallel algorithms for sorting, search and matrix calculations, MPI and OpenMP for parallel programming