Computer-Aided Design And Animation

In our digitalized era, the realistic expression form turns into a virtual expression form, and this transformation reveals new requirements, new programs, or the transformation of existing programs. The media and communication channels operating today remain behind the digital age, and the need for data transfer, message routing, and perceptions to find digital ways increases. As the communication channels, the internet environment is gaining weight. Visual effects in TV series, movies and the internet, games played on mobile devices or computers, 3D / 2D productions, designs used in urban area planning and architecture, animations, cartoons and computer games are in the interests of millions of people.

OSTİM Technical University MYO Computer Aided Design and Animation program; following technological innovations, curious, researcher, critical thinking, socially responsible, related to fine arts, computer programs and sciences, advanced communication skills, strong observation skills, able to see form-space relations, closely following technology, creative and imaginative rich , capable students who may notice the design and details of hand and computer programs; in line with the developing technology, it aimed to train technicians who are skilled in various fields and sectors such as mechanics, automotive, cinema, advertising and web page creation, who have the skills to present the products and projects to the masses effectively and develop the presentation methods.

Additionaly, Computer Aided Design and Animation program is among its main objectives;  interpret and evaluate data using desktop and television broadcasting projects, knowledge and skills in the field, define design problems and develop solutions; photo and image processing ability has been gained have the ability to work harmoniously in team and team work, use computer programs effectively, work individually and in groups; graduating as qualified individuals who speak English and follow the sectoral developments and constantly renew themselves. In this context, students who are trained in OSTİM Technical University MYO Computer Aided Design and Animation program are also given the opportunity to English education in the optional English Preparatory Class.

The language of the program is Turkish.

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