Commission for New Technologies, New Professions and Skills

Duties of the Commission:

  1. To conduct research on new technologies and new professions developing in the world, to prepare scientific projects, to publish articles at the international level, and to make patent applications.
  2. To update the curricula on new professions and technologies,
  3. To inform the relevant Authorities and faculty members on issues related to New Professions, New Technologies, and New Skills,
  4. To provide students with new skills in applied training,
  5. To update the action plans prepared by the Strategy Department in line with the developments,
  6. To coordinate the work by organizing meetings with the members of the Commission at regular periods,
  7. To organize or participate in workshops, seminars, and scientific meetings on New Technologies and Professions,
  8. To fulfill the duties and instructions to be given by the Rectorate.