Chief Technology Officer


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Chief Technology Officer-CTO Position for the First Time in a University Organization Companies nowadays, parallel to the developments in the technology appoint a Chief Technology Officer to identify technological developments in their field of work and to manage the technological development of the organization. CTO is an authorized person and manager for managing scientific or technological activities in a company or project. In this context, as it will be implemented for the first time in a university, it is in an executive position in the management of the university's research and development activities, the management of the university's technological needs, the development of technology-related policies and methods, and the development of students and instructors with the help of technology. For more effective corporate management of our university, it is necessary to determine and implement the university’s focal points in technological research, to manage the technology development infrastructure, to ensure coordination in cooperation with other universities, the private sector, and the government, to design strategies to increase income, to analyze returns on cost, benefit, and investment, to take the responsibility of a kind of customer relations as a liaison point between university students and academicians and industry, thus ensuring that graduates are qualified and competent enough to respond to the needs of business life and presenting relevant projects. Therefore, for the first time in Turkey, we have introduced the Chief Technology Officer-CTO position in a university organization at OSTİM Technical University. Asst. Prof. Pelin TÖREN ÖZGÜN from the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Faculty of Engineering of our University has been appointed as CTO to perform this duty.