Chief Sustainability Officer


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Chief Sustainability Officer- CSO Position for the First Time in a University Organization Nowadays, the search for new management approaches to eliminate environmental and other similar problems caused by the rapid consumption or pollution of resources has become crucial. Sustainability is one of the most important of these management approaches. Therefore, it is important that the concept of sustainability, which is defined as " fulfilling today's needs without compromising future generations' capability to meet their own needs" is put into practice in institutions. As in all institutions, universities must be the ones that try to make this improved process sustainable by minimizing the negative social, economic and environmental impacts in the process of conducting education, research and social contribution activities and administrative services within a certain management system. By setting a vision of being the university of the industry and carrying out education, research, entrepreneurship, and prototype production activities within a strong cooperation model with the business world, industry and society, OSTİM Technical University considers it extremely important to make this improved process sustainable by minimizing the direct and indirect negative impacts on social, economic and environmental aspects in the process of making social contributions. Therefore, we introduced the Chief Sustainability Officer-CSO position for the first time in a university organization in Turkey at OSTİM Technical University. Dr. ZELİHA ŞAHİN ÇAĞLI from the Department of Industrial Design, Faculty of Architecture and Design of our University has been appointed as CSO to carry out this duty.