Chief Information Officer

Prof. Dr. Ufuk Türen

[email protected] / +90 (312) 386 10 92

Chief Information Officer-CIO Position for the First Time in a University Organization Rapid progress in information technologies has significantly increased the production and use of information. The rising need for the production and use of information in organizations has made it essential to manage the processes of creating and using information correctly. The conscious management of information and information resources as a strategic resource is the most important factor that increases organizational success. In this framework, it is necessary to identify corporate information resources, to organize the information gathered and, most importantly, to manage it within a system. For more effective corporate management of our university, we have introduced Chief Information Officer (CIO) position at OSTİM Technical University for the first time in Turkey in a university organization in order to determine the information resources it has, to identify which documents and information resources are needed, and to identify and manage them. The CIO will determine the needs and the methods to be applied by continuously reviewing the information production, the owners of the information, the authorizations for the use and access of the information, and the information management processes at our university, and shall create plans and strategies that will ensure the most effective and efficient use of information. Thanks to the effective use of information, employees will work more efficiently, time and labor will be saved, and most importantly, the efficiency in the decision processes of senior managers will be maximized by providing access to the accurate information in a short time. Prof. Dr. Ufuk TÜREN, a faculty member at the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Management Information Systems (English) of our University, has been appointed as CIO to perform this duty.