Business Administration


Dear Students,

Welcome to the OSTIM Technical University Business Administration family!

First of all, we wish you a healthy, peaceful and successful academic life. We would like to express our gratitude for being a part of the OSTIM Technical University Business Administration family. Our goal is to ensure that all activities within our department are carried out in line with the principles set by our university and faculty by considering the principles of mutual respect, affection, fairness, ethics and law and conduct our training and education activities through a case-based structure and a systems approach which prioritizes sustainability and societal benefit, takes heed of talent development and supports innovative, creative and entrepreneurial activities.

Our goal as the business administration department is to provide you, our dear students, with fundamental knowledge, skills and talents in finance, accounting, human resources, production and marketing as well as basic business administration functions; equip you with the required and adequate level of initiative and qualifications to start your own businesses as trained entrepreneurs and make them valuable in a global sense and turn you into entrepreneurs and managers who will make great contributions to the businesses you will work in the future as business owners and managers as well as sectors, our country and the world.

In today’s business world, innovative and creative employees and managers who create value are needed. In order to meet this need, we care about evolving you into persons who will be able to meet the needs of the future and solve the problems it will bring with the education and the knowledge, skills and talents you will acquire from the business administration undergraduate programme we have designed. We would like to emphasize that we attach particular importance to workplace experience in achieving this goal.

As soon as you join our university you will be one step ahead of your peers in terms of knowing the sector and you will take mandatory and infrastructure courses during the first two years of the undergraduate business administration programme and as of the second year you will have the opportunity to have some of your courses at businesses as a part of the academic programme. Theoretical knowledge will be combined with experience within the framework of the protocols signed with businesses located in OSTIM as well as other leading firms in Ankara and an integration of real experience, talent and knowledge will be achieved for post-graduation.  During your third and fourth years, you will be able to gain in-depth knowledge through various courses you will take as electives such as Finance, Accounting, Management, Human Resources, Service, Production and Industry, High Technology Firms, International Businesses, Defense Industry, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Public and Civil Society Organizations, Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare and Logistics. You will be able to take these courses from your own faculty or other faculties and/or vocational schools based on your interests. Those who are interested in double major or minor programmes and fulfil necessary conditions will be able to gain expertise and skills in other fields other than business administration.

Our programme will commence in the Academic Year of 2021-2022. The most recent version of our curriculum, which will be evaluated and developed every year as well as our course schedule is available on our website.

We welcome you with the certitude of knowing that you will be forever proud of joining the Business Administration department at OSTIM Technical University to become individuals equipped with the qualifications sought in tomorrow’s businesses and be among its first graduates. We wish you health, peace and success.

Assoc. Prof. Hamide Özyürek

Department Head