Business Administration

Program Qualifications



1. Know the basic concepts and practical information about the science of business administration and core business activities

2. Evaluate global and local issues by using ideas and concepts from the field of business administration; examine and analyze management related information and applications in line with scientific principles by using appropriate qualitative and quantitative methods; interpret and synthesise the data and find solutions to business related problems

3. Take responsibility as a member of an interdisciplinary team to solve unpredictable and complex business problems; be able to work effectively in teams of various functions and disciplines; effectively carry out project activities

4. Carry out independent studies in the field by utilizing obtained knowledge and skills

5. Set goals and objectives for the institution he/she works at; detect and solve basic problems; analyze the internal and external environment of the business; evaluate the developments, support continuous improvement and provide innovative strategies

6. Acquire the skill to manage activities aimed at the improvement of the employees as a leader, make decisions and implement them

7. Acquire the entrepreneurship skill; design and manage a business; promote innovativeness and sustainability

8. Maintain life-long learning activities; achieve self-improvement; follow higher level educational programs

9. Inform stakeholders with a sense of social responsibility as an individual with effective communication skills; share his/her emotions, thoughts and solutions to problems verbally and in writing; understand the behaviors and psychology of his/her colleagues

10. Use the information and communication technologies and computer software required by the field

11. Effectively use English to follow, read, write and speak about the universal information in the field of business and management sciences and be able to communicate with colleagues in a foreign language with professional proficiency

12. Act according to the law in all his/her affairs; have a sense of professional and ethical responsibility and code of business conduct and act in line with social values

13. Be aware of the contemporary business problems as well as the interdisciplinary scope of business administration and analyze these; have the competence to understand the effects of business and management sciences on these problems on a universal, environmental, legal, social and societal level and in terms of health, security and globalization

14. Give research proposals, be able to design research studies, prepare and present research reports

15. Manage work time and personal time; fulfil the requirements of his/her duties on time

16. Have the competence to work in non-governmental organizations, private sector and public entities