Business Administration


Recent advancements in artificial intelligence technologies and digitalization have taken over the whole business system and therefore resulted in the formation of new management and organization styles. Our country and the businesses operating within require leaders who bear these new points of view, are aware of the innovations to be brought by artificial intelligence and digitalization to the business world, who can keep up with the change, communicate effectively, act in a people oriented way, provide effective solutions to problems by investing simultaneously in individual-business and country talents, conduct scientific research and produce theoretical ideas and make the right decisions in order to integrate with the world, design sustainable business models and implement them in this age of information we are in.

The fundamental philosophy of our business administration programme is to scientifically and professionally contribute in training a new generation of managers who have a global and technological vision for our country which is integrating faster and faster with the world every day in every field.

Our goal is to ensure that the graduates of our business administration programme become prospective managers who have a mindset focused on producing and developing products with high added value by combining technological infrastructure with a professional management perspective in the sector. Our programme, in which contemporary and innovative educational methods are implemented as supported by technological infrastructure and teamwork, aims to enhance the vision and imagination of students, develop the skills they will need in the business world through industry-university cooperation and ensure that they reflect their acquired analytical, strategic and practice-based skills to their professional work life. 

OSTIM Technical University, with its advantage stemming from being a part of an large ecosystem consisting of thousands of businesses and technoparks and being located in the center of the industry, provides its students with sectoral experience in every step of their education process. In our programme, with its primary goal of training second and third generations of managers for businesses in our country, we aim to equip our students with theoretical and practical knowledge on the key disciplines of business administration and provide them with expertise in the fundamental fields of the science of business administration. Our undergraduate business administration programme is carried out by faculty members who are all experts in their own fields in addition to the contributions of experts and managers experienced in the business world.

We welcome all students who are willing to take part in the businesses of future as effective employees and managers to the OSTIM family and our programme.


Assoc. Prof. Tuğrul Oğuzhan

Department Head