Biomedical Device Technology

Student Opinions




Mervenur Alaca /  Biomedical Device Technology Program / 2022 Graduate

The reason why I chose OSTİM Technical University; It was to develop inventions that could contribute to all humanity, especially my environment, and make their lives easier, and to provide a better service in my field.

I chose to study at OSTİM Technical University, as I think that it provides both theoretical and practical quality education, which provides services in cooperation with the health sector and industry in the field of Biomedical Device Technology, and can produce creative solutions to the problems in this field.

I am in this university because the academic staff of the school, which consists of important names, always make its valuable students feel this in the lessons. You can believe that you will develop yourself in the best way by benefiting from the important experience and knowledge of the faculty members. On the other hand, our school tries to prepare students for business life in the best way possible. We organize useful seminars in our school. When you graduate, you will not only receive a diploma, but also gain industry experience.




Melike Aslantepeli /  Biomedical Device Technology Program /2022 Graduate

The most important reason for me to choose OSTİM Technical University is that I am interested in the field of health and the Biomedical Device Technology program has many advantages in this university. In the promotional information of our school; I saw that the training and the opportunities offered to us would be very useful. Our university both gives us the best education and gives us business potential. I am very pleased to be at OSTİM Technical University. I believe that when I graduate from this university, I will go to very good places.



Mertcan Akyıldız/ Biomedical Device Technology Program /2022 Graduate

First of all, I would like to tell you about my reasons for choosing OSTİM Technical University. OSTİM Technical University is a university that is intertwined with the industrial sector. He tells us about the problems that we may encounter in business life and helps us to realize our project ideas during our student life and enables us to learn by experiencing in the sector. During our training, we are offered workplace experience, and there are options to receive certified trainings in various fields. There are academics at our university who take care of their students personally and do their best in every subject. Along with raising new entrepreneurs, the workshops and studies they offer us are indispensable elements. It is a university that cares about improving our teamwork, increasing our communication skills and social skills. I am grateful to OSTİM Technical University for giving me the opportunity to improve myself and for the many positive features it has given me. I am very happy to be a part of this family.