Aviation Management



Dear Aviation Management Department students at our university,

Welcome to OSTIM Technical University, Department of Aviation Management. You have left behind a difficult university preparation and preference process, and now you are taking the first steps of a new life. We are with you with all our possibilities to build your future together on strong fundamentals.

You are the first students of our department and you are very valuable to us. Although we have to start the first education period by providing distance education in a pandemic environment, we are determined to provide you with a world-class education. In this context, we offer you modern education and training techniques in our country and in the world by enriching them with innovative methods in company with new technologies.

Aviation is the science and art of aircraft, and therefore of flying. Aviation management is the ability to manage the workflow related to the airline, airport or aviation industry for the execution of this art. Aviation Management training, on the other hand, is an academic discipline that aims to train competent personnel to oversee the quality, control and safety of all necessary operations-based activities, especially marketing, finance and accounting in the aviation sector, such as airline, airport, ground handling, shipment management.

Our main goal is to use our university and our department’s contemporary and diversified education methods which are designed to combine theory and practice in order to provide this very important competence. In line with this goal, it will be our secondary goal to gain analytical thinking, problem solving and decision-making skills with a program based on strong fundamentals equipped with the notion of both management, business and aviation. As a result of these goals, it will be our success criteria to ensure that you produce practical solutions with high analysis skills and become professionals that both the private sector, the public sector and international organizations are looking for. We will work together for this criterion; we will enjoy the taste of success together to the fullest.

I wish your years at our university to be very fruitful for you.