Aerospace Engineering


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hande Yavuz

Assist. Prof. Dr. Şafak Nesli




Assist. Prof. Dr. Hikmet BAL

Assist. Prof. Dr. Osman DEMİRCİ

1 Pose Invariant People Detection in Point Clouds for Mobile Robots 2020
2 Fast head detection in arbitrary poses using depth information 2020
3 Multiple human trajectory prediction and cooperative navigation modeling in crowded scenes 2020
4 Human aware navigation of a mobile robot in crowded dynamic environments 2019
5 Adaptive unstructured road detection using close range stereo vision 2019
6 Analysis of the Interaction between THz Waves and Low Cost Plasma Detectors for the Development of Stand-Off Imaging Systems 2019
7 Understanding the effect of THz/mm wave-plasma interaction on the brightness of glow discharge detectors 2019
8 The Effect of Phosphor Coating on THz/mm wave-Plasma Interaction in Glow Discharge Detector 2019
9 Design of a Novel THz Sensor for Structural Health Monitoring Applications 2019
10 Theoretical Simulation and Optimization of the Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems 2019
11 Numerical study on effects of computational domain length on flow field in standing wave thermoacoustic couple 2019
12  On the analysis and design of a fully compliant large stroke slider-crank (rocker) mechanism 2020
13  On the design of a novel fully compliant spherical four-bar mechanism 2019
14  Steel compliant Cardan universal joint 2015
15  Theoretical and experimental analyses of compliant universal joint 2014
16  Power generation potential of liquified natural gas regasification terminals 2020
17  On the ontology of life and mind: a proposed paradigm shift 2020
18  Fundamentals and Applications of Renewable Energy 2020
19  Thermodynamics an Engineering Approach, ; Chapter 9 & 10 2019
20  Heat and mass transfer: fundamentals and applications 2019
21  High strength munitions structures with inherent chemical energy 2020
22  Medical implants 2017
23  Amorphous alloy hooks and methods of making such hooks 2016
24  Zirconium based bulk metallic glasses with hafnium 2016
25  Zirconium based bulk metallic glasses 2016
26  Improvement in antimicrobial properties of titanium by diethyl phosphite plasma-based surface modification 2020
27  Controlled drug release performance of plasma modified slab and mat matrices: A model study with “Ampicillin” 2020
28  Natural melanin nanoparticle‐decorated screen‐printed carbon electrode: Performance test for amperometric determination of    hexavalent  chromium as model trace 2020
29  Quality changes of hazelnut kernels subjected to different cold plasmas and gamma irradiation treatments 2019
 30  Mixed monolayer decorated SPR sensing surface for thrombin detection 2019
32 Model picosatellite design for energy harvesting and telemetry data transmission through RF communication 2015
33 Variable Impedance Control of a Rehabilitation Robot for Modelling Physiotherapist's Motions 2014
34 Model satellite design for CanSat Competition 2013
35 Development of a mems-based imu unit 2013
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