Aerospace Engineering


What is Aerospace Engineering Department?

Aerospace Engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the design, analysis, testing, development and production of air and space vehicles such as fixed wing, rotary wing, rocket, missile, satellite and the maintenance-repair-revision processes of these vehicles. Aerodynamics, which examines the interactions of air and spacecraft with their environment; consists of courses and applications that examines the effects of forces acting on these vehicles, while they are in motion in air and space and deals with structural design and analysis processes accordingly; examines the propulsion power that enables air and space vehicles to move and the compatibility between control inputs and motion outputs to ensure the stability of the thrust and vehicles, smooth and controllable movement. During their education, students of the Department of Aerospace Engineering, after the basic engineering courses such as thermodynamics, statics, strength and dynamics, are equipped with the skills to produce technical solutions in many fields by taking courses such as applied elasticity, aircraft and space structures, composite materials, automatic control, aerodynamics or propulsion systems.


Why OSTİMTECH? What are the Learning Outcomes?

At OSTİM Technical University, the Aerospace Engineering Department aims to provide qualified engineers for the aviation and space industry. With the unique assessment and evaluation system that is applied for each course in the department, the continuous development of the students is given importance. By blending the design and production capability of being an industry-oriented university with theoretical and applied courses, equipped students are trained for today’s needs. In order to play an active role in today’s world, it has been adopted as a principle to raise qualified graduates, who have high cultural awareness, knows teamwork, internalize human values and be beneficial to the society, as well as professional gains. Thanks to OSTİM’s strong cooperation with the business world, industry and the public sector, our students will play an active role in aerospace engineering area with an education, research and application infrastructure and equipment at international standards and innovative technology and entrepreneurship criteria.


Why OSTİMTECH? What are the Learning Outcomes?

Graduates of the Aerospace Engineering program have a lot of job opportunities in the sector. Job opportunities increase with the rapid development of the aviation and space industry with the increase in various R&D and production investments and the fact that it is possible to design and manufacture high-tech products such as airplanes, unmanned aerial vehicles, satellites, wind turbines in our country. It can be predicted that the demand for specialist labor force trained in the field of aerospace engineering will increase even more, especially in line with the acceleration of space studies in recent years.