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Dear Candidates,

OSTIM Technical University Graduate School of Engineering and Science (GSE) was established in 2019. Our rapidly branching Graduate School currently offers M.Sc. Programmes in Architecture (Turkish), Computer Engineering (English), Electrical-Electronics Engineering (English), Mechanical Engineering (Turkish) and Software Engineering (Turkish) programmes. Currently, we host a total of approximately 200 graduate students, among one third of them are international students from different parts of the world. Our grad students completed 8 masters theses successfully so far together with more than 10 national and international scientific articles and international conference participations. GSE is a science and engineering center that is open to all nations, all races and all cultures of the world as well as adopting the principle of “gender-equality”. GSE has global goals together with its innovation-oriented, world-class academic team. While presenting the most up-to-date experience on know-how, advanced and innovative approaches in scientific research principles of the fields of Engineering and Technology to its graduate students, it offers a research-oriented graduate education that is possible to be integrated in industry and can be sustained from different aspects. I owe a debt of gratitude to our academic team, which enables us to get closer to our strategic goals day by day with our ever-growing institute.

I wish you success throughout your graduate education journey.

Yours Faithfully,

Assist. Prof. Pelin TÖREN ÖZGÜN

The Director of GSE

Ostim Technical University Graduate School of Engineering and Science was established in 2020 within the framework of Higher Education Law No. 2547. Postgraduate education activities are carried out in accordance with the conditions defined in the Ostim Technical University Postgraduate Education Regulation.

Ostim Technical University, which is located in the OSTİM industrial zone and continues its research and development activities in cooperation with the industry, employs qualified researchers who can produce knowledge and turn it into practice, prioritizing high-tech R&D studies and current technologies, with the strong teaching staff of the Institute of Science and Technology. to train; It aims to carry out postgraduate research and thesis topics and applied studies for the solution of urgent problems of the public, industry and humanity.


OSTİM Technical University Graduate School of Engineering and Science was established on 21/07/2020 based on the 11th, 21st and 22nd articles of the OSTİM Technical University Main Regulation, which came into force after being published in the Official Gazette dated 03/12/2018 and numbered 30614, started education services.


To ensure that they take part in national and international research and development activities by educating researchers who think innovatively and focus on original studies, have an academic perspective, can conduct advanced research and development in practice, and act professionally and with an entrepreneurial spirit in their professional lives.


To be an educational and research institution that can compete with the developed countries of the world in the field of scientific and technological research and development activities, keep up with the pace of development of technology, train innovative and national/international researchers.




Assist. Prof. Pelin TÖREN ÖZGÜN

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Associate Director

Lecturer M.Sc. Yaşar Barış DOLUKAN

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Mrs. Ayşegül Bal

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Prof. Demiral AKBAR








Prof. İsmail AVCIBAŞ




Assist. Prof. Yücel Tekin











Prof. İsmail AVCIBAŞ




 Assoc. Prof. Hande GIRARD



Research Areas
Computer Programming, Artiffical Learning, Embeded Systems, Signal Processing, Cyber Security, Networks
Electric- Electronic Digital&Analog Circuits, Communications, Optics, High Voltage, Electrik Machines&Energy, Electromagnetic, Microwave&Antennas
Machine Energy, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Mechanics of Materials, Robotic, Conventional&Modern Manufacturing, Machine Dynamics, Vibration, Control Systems
Software Cloud Computing, Artiffical Inteligance, Data Mining, Decission Systems, Databases, Image & Sound Processing


Assist. Prof. Hikmet BAL




Prof. Mustafa Yılmaz KILINÇ