2023-2024 Academic Year registration renewal payments of our 2019-2020-2021-2022 registered students studying at our university can be made between September 4-8, 2023 according to the Academic Calendar with the following methods.

Credit Card

Periodic or annual payment option can be used.

In the credit card payment process, only TEB credit cards can be paid in 2 installments over the periodic fee in a total of 4 installments.

Payments made with credit cards of other banks do not have the possibility of installments, payment is taken as a single payment.

Students who are out of town or abroad can pay by credit card using the Mail-Order method.

Advance Payment

Semesterly or annual payment options are available.

A discount of 5% of the annual fee is provided for advance payments.

Overdraft Account

Payment can be made in 5 installments per semester or 10 installments per year, without any maturity difference, by opening an overdraft account through the Turkish Economy Bank branch to be established within our University between 4-8 September 2023 or any Turkish Economy Bank branch.

Students who will pay with an Overdraft Account through the Turkish Economy Bank should request a payment plan from the Department of Financial Services with their parents.

 The payment plan received must be approved by the TEB branch in our school or any TEB branch and the approved document must be submitted to the Student Affairs Department during registration.

* Students who pay by wire transfer/EFT method should send their payment receipts to [email protected] address as an e-mail to


Explanations on Registration Renewal

1-Tuition fees are paid at the beginning of the relevant semester on the registration and registration renewal dates specified in the academic calendar. Those who do not pay the tuition fee within the deadline and whose excuse is not accepted cannot register for that semester, cannot benefit from student rights and cannot take exams. Late registrations due to excuses can be made until the last day of the add-drop week. In any case, the late registration of those whose excuse is accepted must be made until the start date of the midterm exams in the University academic calendar of the relevant year.   

Students who renew their registration late due to excuses after the start of the courses specified in the academic calendar are charged a late fee of 2% per thousand per day (6% per month) along with the tuition fee.  

2-Students are not dismissed due to non-payment of tuition fee and non-renewal of registration within the education period. However; If students who do not register and do not pay the tuition fee want to re-register, they are subject to the tuition fee determined for the relevant semester in which they enroll.  

3-a) If the request of the student who wants to take a leave of absence is deemed appropriate by the relevant administrative boards, 50% of the semester fee will be refunded if the application petition is submitted until the end of the add-drop period of the relevant semester.  In the registration freeze transactions made after the add-drop date, the student is not refunded.  

  1. b) Students within the scope of student admission from abroad can freeze their registration provided that they pay the full semester/academic year fee. However, since these students will be in inactive status, the situation in question is notified to the Immigration Administration.
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